Sysmex CA-500 Series Systems

The Sysmex® CA-500 Series is comprised of the CA-560 and CA-530 — compact, fullyautomated
systems featuring immunologic*, coagulation and chromogenic measurements in true
random access. These five-parameter coagulation analyzers are designed primarily for use in
low-volume laboratories or as a backup instrument to larger Sysmex® instruments.
Smallest Footprint in its Class

• Clotting and chromogenic detection allow for customizable testing
• On-board quality control (QC) package provides reliable patient results
• Scalable menu designed for low-volume labs
Cost-effective Operation and Testing
• Ease-of-use and low maintenance allow for economical testing
• No cuvette waste facilitates efficient processing
• Random access allows for independent operation
• Bi-directional interface eliminates transcriptional errors
• Minimal consumables required with little operational waste
The CA-500 Series Analyzers offer preferential processing of STAT samples and a built-in
quality-control function. Analyzed data may be displayed or printed with reaction curves.