Dimension Vista 1000T Intelligent Lab System

The Dimension Vista® 1000T Intelligent Lab System is a new class of analyzers where customer-driven design, ultra-integration of four technologies, including state-of-the-art LOCI® technology, and onboard automation all come together to create a system that will revolutionize the way the lab functions.

  • Dimension Vista 1000T (twin configuration) is a dual system with built-in active backup and automatic workload balancing that serves as a single smart workstation.
  • Customer-driven design for increased simplicity with the confidence that every trained technician can run any test any time
  • Ultra-integration of four technologies in one smart workstation for increased productivity
  • LOCI® advanced chemiluminescence for trusted results in a flash
  • Automation onboard eliminates manual tasks freeing up technical time to address critical issues throughout the laboratory