VersaCell System

One tube, one point-of-entry, one operator, one report.

You and your lab are expected to accomplish more and a VersaCell System provides the simple solution. This unique sample management technology works differently from other systems to increase your workflow efficiency for chemistry and/or immunoassay testing.


  • Finish on time with automatic routing that eliminates time-consuming and error-prone pre-analytical sorting
  • Manage large sample peaks with high through-put instrument connectivity options
  • Provide predictable TAT for time-critical results analysis
  • Extend the test menu capability from a single tube




The VersaCell system is different. It is a compact, robotic system that connects up to 2 stand-alone instruments in flexible configurations. The VersaCell system is efficient and affordable for any size lab. It gives you flexibility, versatility, and functional independence. With the VersaCell system, you have the best of all worlds and a new and flexible way to operate your lab.