StreamLAB Automation Solutions

How can I streamline my workflow and accomplish more with less?

StreamLAB® Automation Solutions let you streamline your workflow by automating manual steps with highly flexible, compact configurations for efficient space utilization and minimal lab disruption during implementation.

  • Accelerate diagnosis – Deliver timely and consistent lab services
  • Gain process efficiency – Eliminate unnecessary steps including pre-analytical sorting and aliquotting
  • Provide an expansive menu – Consolidate routine and stat workload
  • Enjoy an optimal footprint – Optimize space utilitization; minimize disruption during installation
  • Be Confident – Achieve built-in redundancy processing and automatic workload rebalancing with fully integrated IT solutions

Achieve greater lab productivity by reducing the number of sample tubes required for analysis and get more efficient use of qualified staff for other critical tasks. This lab automation system reduces errors and results in shorter, more predictable turnaround times. Get more with less. StreamLAB Automation Solutions’ flexible and scalable multi-discipline architecture allows your lab to evolve with changing needs as new technologies become available. Enhance management of your lab by easily connecting other Siemens analyzers. StreamLAB Automation Solutions let you create one of the most comprehensive menus available,and reduce the need to send samples out for additional testing