BCS XP System

The BCS® XP System, one of the most widely used fully automated hemostasis analyzers, delivers accurate and precise results. The high-speed, random-access analyzer performs clotting, chromogenic, immunologic, and agglutination testing while allowing the consolidation of both specialty and routine reagents onto one high throughput analyzer.

  • User-friendly software and customizable interface allow for versatile user-defined configurations to meet your lab’s specific needs
  • Automatic monitoring of reagent levels and onboard 
    stability tracking enable personnel to focus on what’s important—critical results
  • Broad routine and specialty testing menu, including vWF ristocetin and INNOVANCE® ETP, allow for platform consolidation
  • Reagent and sample probe crash sensors protect capped reagent bottles or sample tubes from damage
  • True random-access and walk-away ability for both normal and pathological samples maximize high-volume routine workloads
  • Unparalleled service and support with Siemens’ service organization—rated No. 1 by ServiceTrak*